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king size weighted blanket on sale

weighted blanket sale
weighted blanket sale

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King size weighted blanket is now one of the biggest weighting blankets on the market. Suitable for queen or king size beds.

Replace your existing quilt.

weighted blanket is designed to create soothing stress, simulating a feeling of similar hugs and hugs. Many scientific studies have shown that such contact can provide sleep benefits as well as relieve stress symptoms.When serotonin is naturally converted to melatonin, your body gets a hint of rest. This means a calmer mind and deeper sleep, making life healthier.


king size weighted blanket
9kg King Blanket

12kg King Blanket

Users Weight
45kg to 90kg 90kg +
Since the weight is distributed over such a large surface area, the king size weighted blanket should be heavier than our standard adult size.

Best King Size Weighted Blankets in 2019

Best King Size Weighted Blankets
Best King Size Weighted Blankets
  1. Best weighted blanket 2019.ZonLi King Size Weighted Blanket 30lbs(Glass beads filled, microfiber layer)
  2. YnM Weighted Blanket for Couple, 25 lbs 80”x87” King Size(Beads placed in different compartments, 7 layer structure )
  3. MAXTID Adults Weighted Blanket 30lbs 80″x87″ Luxury King Size (Velvet material, Six different color options , Provide non-toxic materials )
  4. Vintap Adult King Size Weighted Blanket for Couples – 25 lbs 80×87(Comes with accessories,breathable and soft )
  5. JOLLYVOGUE King Size Weighted Blanket(20lbs,88x104Inches)(7-layer design with cotton fabric for even weight distribution)

What Makes weighted blanket Different

The weighting blanket is the only chemical-free material made from lead-free glass beads and Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

This means that the weighted blanket is clean and safe, made of soft, high-quality cotton, durable and breathable.

Help You?

“I got this weighted blanket because of anxiety.I have to say that the blanket is really great! Glad I found this: it’s like you can hug at any time. Let me calm down and make me rational right away.”

“If you are trying to sleep, try this product. weighted blanket will keep you from overheating.”

“Glad we got it! I like the blanket covering the footprint of our queen bed and staying in place.”

Here are some features that will make you love:

  • Sleep like a baby
  • Perfect gift

What Makes The weighted Blankets Heavy?

The glass beads are placed in a small pocket and sewn onto the fabric between the two layers of cotton. This increases the quality of the blanket, allowing it to “hug” the user and apply a soft, deep touch that spreads the pressure on the body.

Prices increase with weight

king size weighted blanket
buy king size weighted blanket

Costs vary by brand and model, but most are priced between $100 and $300. The bigger and heavier the blanket, the higher its cost.

The general rule of thumb for choosing a weighted blanket is based on your overall weight.

130 pounds = 13lb blanket
140 pounds = 14lb blanket
150 pounds = 15lb blanket
160 pounds = 16lb blanket
170 pounds = 17lb blanket
180 pounds = 18lb blanket
190 pounds = 19lb blanket
200 pounds = 20lb blanket

Will your height affect your blanket?

If you are 6 feet tall, a twin-size blanket may leave your feet hanging.If you’re very tall, you might want to go with a queen-size blanket, even if you’re sleeping on a full-size bed.

The Weighted Blanket Cons :

The advantages of the weighting blanket have already been mentioned above. Let’s discuss the disadvantages of the weighting blanket.

Weighted blankets are usually more expensive than traditional quilts.
Summer night, you may become too warm.
Unlike the new ordinary blankets, weighted blankets can take several nights to get used to.

Asked Questions :

  • Can my child and I sleep together under the weight of the blanket?
  • Will the weighting of the blankets make you hot?
  • Will insurance pay for weighted blanket?

These questions will come back next time.

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